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4 months later

It was February. I was a at a breaking point professionally and emotionally. My friends Carrie and Kris suggested that I come back to DBC. I had 1,001 questions about the vibe and safety. (Here’s the illustrated story of my retina detachment. Fun times.) They insisted that things were different now. Just come to the…

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Home Cooked

My first meal on the stove of death. This one is going into my arsenal. It was really quick. I recommend savoring it while standing over the sink, watching Archer on your phone.    

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New Apartment

I recently moved. My brother says I don’t really move, I just find strange rooms to rent or end up in very convenient living arrangements, all within a 5 mile radius of each other. This happens every year or two. Let’s document the first few days, shall we?  

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